Welcome to APCPAC

Supporting pro-life, pro-family constitutional conservatives who believe in limited government

American Patriots Coalition PAC is a political action committee currently focusing on San Diego County with a mission to identify and support candidates who share our concerns about core issues involving life, family, freedom, fiscal responsibility, free markets and smaller government.

If you are hoping for the government to solve your problems this is not the website for you, but before you leave, please consider that if the government can’t solve its own problems, what are the odds that it is going to solve yours? Under our mission statement you will see a synopsis of our core principles.  We believe elected officials should serve the voter with integrity in an effort to create an efficient government that respects individual faith and freedom. The endorsements page identifies some rare gems who share our concerns and who are willing to enter the world of politics, giving it their best. We wish them well and believe they deserve your support.

“Trusting elected officials to voluntarily limit their power is like trusting a dog to guard your dinner.”     Waking the Sleeping Giant

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